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Support legislation that takes a common-sense approach to reducing gun violence; andNo one should be denied an opportunity for employment, education, or promotion; worry that they will be treated differently by officials, banks, businesses, or the police; or lose the right to vote because of who they are.  We should not have to fear loss of employment or freedom of expression because of beliefs we hold (incitement to criminal activity, violence, insurrection, or violent overthrow of the government excepted).   We should not see books removed from library shelves because they make others uncomfortable.  Yet these are concerns for many of us today.  That has to change.  

If elected, I will:

  • Advocate for those who have been denied equal opportunity, treated unjustly, or denied freedom of expression;

  • Support legislation for comprehensive criminal justice reform and an end to civil asset seizure; and

  • Work with other House members to update and strengthen the Voting Rights Act.

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