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If there ever was an era when the United States could risk unilateralism, it has passed. Our future security rests with strong alliances, firm commitments, and deft diplomacy. The evolution of warfare that we see unfolding in the Ukraine suggests that our 20th Century combat systems are nearing the end of their usefulness, and we will need timely, effective, and affordable replacements. We must build the force we need for the coming decades, remembering that our military capability is linked to and limited by the strength of both our economy and our democracy. 

If elected I will: 

  • Seek to restore United States domestic industrial capacity and the defense industrial base to levels that can produce the systems we need to prevail in future conflicts, and stop outsourcing weapons purchases to foreign companies; 

  • Support legislation that will address the recruiting and materiel challenges our armed forces face, provide Ukraine with the means it needs to defeat Russian aggression, and secure our nation’s borders; and 

  • Encourage efforts to advance U.S. national interests by promoting peace and stability in the Middle East.

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